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Karen Garnett

Art in the Workplace Artist, Intel HQ, Santa Clara, CA. 2011

Works exhibited in Intel's Art in the Workplace.
with Valle del Sur Art Guild
Exhibit Dates: April thru June 2011
Location: Intel HQ, 2200 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA

Artist Karen Garnett
I paint California landscapes done Plein Air. The majority of my landscape paintings are done out-of-doors and on-site so that I can see and absorb the small details that photographs fail to depict but that do so much to capture the sense of place. I paint on gessoed panels using a palette knife. To ensure that I capture a spontaneous and highly textured image, I work quickly and finish the first underpainting in one sitting. The majestic scenery of the California landscape and the beauty of its ever changing light provide me with endless subject matter. The shimmer of sunlight and nuances of fog and shadow that constantly shift throughout the day can reflect short but magical moments. As the light changes by the hour, it is always a challenge to embody in paint that unique feeling that best reflects a special location and time.

CV: Life experiences shape and color our vision and our art. Here are my highlights:
- Born in Bexar County Texas. Grew up in Pennsylvania and enjoyed early art training at Carnegie Museum, and Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. BA Ohio State, MA University of Texas at Austin.
- A long-time resident of California, I have also lived in Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Greece and Germany.
- Careers have included Motherhood, Artist, Art Historian, Archaeologist, Lychnologist, CAD Designer, Software Quality Assurance Manager and Technical Writer for a graphics chip company.

Recent Awards include:
Valle del Sur Open Juried Show 2010: 1st Place in Acrylic Painting for Bay Gary I, 2nd Place in Oil Painting for Coyote Creek Trees
Valle del Sur Art Guild Artist of the Year 2009
Gilroy Art Show 2009, 1st Place in Oil/Acrylic Painting for: Soberanes Point, Big Sur
Valle del Sur Open Juried Show 2009: 2nd Place in Acrylic Painting for Twilight at Rocky Point

Karen S. Garnett

Contact the artist for current availability and pricing:
website: www.ksgarnett.com
email: karen@ksgarnett.com
phone: 408.691-2416

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Anderson Sunset
9 x 12 oil
Goldsmiths, August 1
12 x 16 acrylic
Stow Lake
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
9 x 12 oil
Once A Natural Bridge
Natural Bridges State Park, Santa Cruz
12 x 16 oil
Sada's Pine
View from Pine Ridge, Henry Coe State Park
12 x 16 oil
Soberanes Point, Big Sur
30 x 40 acrylic
Bay Gray I: Crossing the Bay Bridge
36 x 36 acrylic
Twilight at Rocky Point, Big Sur
40 x 30 acrylic
View of El Toro
Looking west towards El Toro Mountain, Morgan Hill
8 x 16 oil
Coyote Creek Trees
12 x 16 oil
Mun's Vineyard View
Monterey Bay View from top of Loma Prieta Mountain
9 x 12 oil
Julia Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur
12 x 16 oil